Periodontal Treatments

Perdiodontitis is a disease of the gums, ligaments and bone structure holding the teeth in place.

It can be present without you being aware of it and can lead to tooth loss if left untreated.  Treatment of periodontitis can halt the disease progress thereby preventing further deterioration.

Periodontal treatment follows a thorough assessment of teeth and gums where each tooth is measured and checked.  X-rays may also be taken to reveal what is happening below the gum line.  This process helps us develop a treatment plan which aims to remove plaque, bacteria and other irritants from the teeth and gum line.

The success of any periodontal treatment relies on the patient’s ability to consistently and thoroughly remove the daily build up of soft plaque from the teeth.  We can show you how you can effectively maintain a healthy mouth.

Regular checks up are important to ensure the prevention of gum disease.

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Educational Video – Periodental problems