Tooth Extractions and Wisdom Teeth Removal

A tooth extraction involves complete removal of the tooth.  This is usually done in the surgery under local anaesthetic and we will provide you with detailed instructions on a post-extraction treatment plan.

Our Dentists are also experienced in wisdom teeth removal, there are 3 options to do that:

1. All done in the surgery under local anaesthetic (with or without laughing gas) – The easiest and most affordable option

2. All done in the surgery under IV sedation – More expensive as it includes costs for an independent anaesthetist

3. All done in the hospital under General anaesthetic – The most expensive as it includes hospital fees, hospital room, nurses and anaesthetist plus our expert dental surgeon usually spends double the time doing the procedure in the hospital than in the chair.

Wisdom teeth removal is not complex if done by an experienced dental surgeon, so give us a call to get an expert in the field of dental surgery.

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